Air Leakage Testing with Blower Door
Measuring the Home's Air Leakage Carbon Monoxide Safety Testing Infrared Camera Scan

Golden Colorado Energy Audit and Insulation Contractor

Welcome to Efficiency Revolution. We’re here to find solutions to your building comfort and efficiency challenges.

Is your home or commercial building too hot in some areas and too cold in others?  Do you think your energy bills could be lower?  Are you a builder who needs their building tested for code-compliance?  We can help.

Services we offer:

  • Energy Efficiency Assessments, also known as Energy Audits.  Xcel Energy will give you up to $200 for an Energy Audit! We’ll take care of all the rebate paperwork so you don’t have to.
  • Infrared camera inspections
  • Air leakage tests using a blower door
  • Insulation installation
  • Training and exam proctoring for Building Performance Institute Certifications
  • Quality Assurance inspections for utility rebate programs

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